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At Smart Art, you’ll receive a top-quality and unique educational experience. No matter whether you need to learn the basics, or already have some more advanced experience, our Art School offers the space and tools necessary for you to not only reach, but exceed your goals. Read on to see what makes us so unique and successful.

Outstanding Quality

Class Curriculums 

Our classes are designed to be age-appropriate in interests, skills, and length of lessons. All of our classes incorporate element of art history, field trips and/or drawing from life. We believe that a proper art education is one where students learn all the foundations of art, so that whether they take one class or continue their journey with us, they always leave having learned something new that they can apply on their own

Truly Top-Notch

Specialized Art Classes

No two students are the same and therefore, no two artworks should ever look the same. At Smart Art we celebrate individuality and creativity and your journey as an artist is what’s important to us. That’s why you’ll not only find a wide and unique variety of art classes not offered anywhere else, but we also offer you an extensive art library with books sourced from all over the world. We also understand that art is not for everyone, that, however, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the occasional class or a special art themed celebration. We specialise in fine art classes and through that specialisation, we will offer you the best possible variety of art classes to meet the needs of your art journey.

Only the Best

Fine and Visual Art instructors 

At Smart Art we care about the quality of art education our students will receive. That's why we only hire the best instructors with degrees in Fine or Visual arts and with the right educational background suited for the subjects they are expected to teach. We also provide our team members with quality art instructor training and the best resources we can find to ensure they have access to all the information they need to offer you, our students, the best possible learning experience

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