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Can we make painting a clean but fun activity?

Updated: Jan 19

Mommy, I want to paint! That's a request we all hear in any house that has young children. How many times a day do you hear that? Do you have painting materials at home ready to use at any time? You carry the usual suspects, right? Pencils, crayons, markers and some watercolours. I want to paint with a brush. It is a very specific request that makes you shiver. My child is about to make a huge mess and I'll have to clean it and him up afterwards.


But painting doesn't have to be the scary monster you know it to be. It can be a soothing experience for your child and some quiet time for you if done right. All you need are the right supplies and a small corner in the house designed for art time.

So let's start with those right supplies. alright? Watercolours can be a great way to make you and your child happy. But how can you say that, they're paint and they make a mess! True, but you can control the mess your child might cause or even cut it completely. The beauty of watercolours is, you can clean them quickly with a wet cloth. Now, here are a few more ideas to help you take the fear out of art time at home.

First you can start by creating a small space in the house where they can paint without limits. Now I don't mean paint all over your house of course. I mean paint in that corner without worry. You can use plastic covers for the table and floor if you like, but give them a space to be creative. As for the supplies, you can use simple materials with great results. and by great, I mean they will explore and learn but don't expect any masterpieces from the process.

Use old muffin trays as paint containers. Place the liquid colours in the tray holes. That way, spilling the container will be harder and you can control how much colour you provide. To clean the brushes while colouring, use a water cup with a secure lid. The closed lid helps prevent or reduce the amount of spilt water in case of an accident. You can buy them at most art supply stores. Of course you can ask them to wear an apron, but as they grow older, they will be more resistant to wearing one. especially at home. So, how do I deal with that, you ask? You can add a drop of soap to the paint containers. That way if it gets on the clothes, it will be much easier to clean.

Now I know these tips will not completely prevent the mess, but they will sure help reduce and control it and I'm telling you this from personal experience :)

Try these tips and let me know what you think! Do you have other tips for moms who struggle with a messy art space? Please, share them in the comments below and spread the knowledge.

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Happy Painting

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