Frequently asked questions

How long will it take for my child to learn to draw/paint on their own?

Making art is an ongoing process, there is always something new to learn; whether it’s a new technique, a new artist, an art movement or a curriculum connection, there is always room for growth and improvement. With that said, our curriculum follows the elements of art and design, so it takes approximately 7 months to cover all the basics, after which we continue to apply what we learned through a wide variety of projects and units.

Do you teach portrait drawing?

We don’t teach portrait drawing on its own, but it is included in the curriculum we teach

I don’t have time to join/I have another activity on the scheduled class time

Have you considered joining a private class then? The timing will be much more flexible, the price is not that much higher than the group classes if you book one of our convenient monthly packages

What do they learn in class?

What we teach in class are the building blocks of art. What the students learn in class goes way beyond just art making. They learn to think creatively, to think ahead, to work with others, to be kind and empathic towards other students. They learn to be independent and to express their individuality. They build self confidence and learn to work with mistakes. They learn problem solving skills and most importantly; they do it all while having fun in a safe environment.

Is it arts and crafts?

No, our art classes are founded on teaching a wide variety of art making skills that include drawing, painting, collage making, printmaking, weaving and clay sculpture, all parts of a well rounded fine arts program

My child already knows how to draw, what will your class add to them?

Our art classes are founded on teaching a wide variety of art making skills that include drawing, painting, collage making, printmaking, weaving and clay sculpture, our classes also include an art criticism and art appreciation component all parts of a well rounded fine arts program

I think my child is gifted, will your class help them?

Our classes and curriculums are all created help children succeed in the art room. If your child poses exceptional skills for their age group, they can be moved to a higher age group to benefit from the added challenge. In all cases, our classes are designed so that they become progressively harder, which should present a good challenge to any gifted child.

Do you have different levels for your classes?

What we offer are classes grouped by age. Each class is designed to suit the skills and abilities expected from each age group, taking into consideration that different children have different abilities, and our instructors are trained to simplify or make a lesson more challenging for students to suit their learning needs and abilities.

Do you assess the children before they start?

We don’t have any formal assessment of the children, however, based on their performance in class, we can form an opinion on what skill sets they poses and what needs more attention to improve.

What materials/supplies do i need to bring with my child?

We provide all the materials for the class that the students will need. However, if you would like to, you can bring an apron to cover your child’s clothes as art can be a messy process

What if we miss a class?

You can notify us in advance, up to 24 hours that your child will miss the class, and you can make it up at a different time. You have up to six weeks to make up a missed class, provided you notify us in advance, unless there was an emergency

I can’t commit to a monthly class because we travel a lot

We offer drop in classes if you prefer. However, I would strongly recommend you join the monthly classes if at all possible because our curriculum is designed to build on one class to the next so missing classes will likely mean your child won’t benefit as much

What makes you different than other art studios?

We are passionate about learning and about creating a new generation of confident, fearless leaders. What we offer are specialised classes with individual attention so each student can feel successful and confident in their own abilities, not in what their teachers can do on their art works. We are a boutique art school, which means we can give your children more attention, better education and work tirelessly on building their sense of self confidence, courage and independence when it comes to making art

What qualifications do your teachers have?

Our instructors all come from a fine or visual art background. In addition, we are currently in the process of providing them with continuous art teaching training courses and teaching diplomas.

Can you support children with special needs?

At the moment, we don’t have instructors that are trained to deal with special needs students.

Everything sounds good, but I’m still not convinced an art program is good for my child, how will it benefit them in their lives to learn how to draw?

An art program is more than just the drawing skills. An art program offers the students an opportunity to learn social skills, to learn problem solving skills, to take risks and be fearless in their work, since the stakes are not as high for them if they did something wrong, it won’t affect their grades or make them worry about being accepted by their peers or parents at home, it teaches children critical thinking, it also teaches them to accept and give criticism so they learn how to be humble and kind towards others too. Most importantly, it teaches children how to believe in themselves and their own abilities, it gives them confidence. What children learn in an art program are skills that will last them a lifetime.

What can I do to support art literacy/skills in my home?

You can start by providing your children with some basic art supplies at home and creating an art space where they can practice what they learn in class or feel free to experiment. If you’re confused about what supplies to buy, you can always refer to the guide we have on our website to help you start. You can also look up artists or artworks you like or your child has learned about in school or class and discuss it together. You will find a helpful guide on how to lead such a discussion in the blog on our website

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