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Who we are (Our Story)

I fell in love with art when I was about six years old in my very first art class in school. I remember thinking art was like magic, it can transform anything, no matter how ordinary, into a wonderful moment. As I grew up, my passion for art continued and so did my determination to study art and pursue my dream of becoming an artist. Unfortunately, I didn’t go to art school as I had dreamed, and I studied accounting and economics at the American University in Cairo instead. After graduation I ended up working in different fields before I finally decided to quit and once again pursue my dream. Because I loved art, I never stopped trying to learn. I took many art classes, but I always felt something was missing. I wanted to learn more, I wanted to understand how to create an artwork like all those great artists, and I definitely wanted to hear more of their stories. That's why when my first partner, Rokaya, and I got together, we researched, learned and experimented with different ways of creating full rounded art classes that conveyed our vision.

In 2017, Rokaya and her family moved away, but I was lucky enough to have found a new partner a year later; Dina. Unlike me, Dina had been exposed to a different form of art; music, when she was growing up and that was her motivation for joining Smart Art. Dina brings not only her passion for art and learning, but her experience as a mother to her work at Smart Art.

I started on this journey because I wanted to give children the opportunities I never had when I was growing up. Dina and I share the believe that art can change children's lives, makes them more emphatic, confident, creative, and independent individuals. That's the vision we have for your children, our students. We hope they’ll enjoy their journey into the world of art with us, as much as we have enjoyed creating the experience for them

Eman xx