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Who we are (Our Story)

The idea of Smart Art started as a childhood dream, when I fell in love with art and all of its magical, transformative powers. Growing up, I wanted nothing more than to learn how to create beautiful works of art like I saw hanging on the walls everywhere I went. I didn’t start Smart Art until about a decade after college because I was too afraid to follow my dreams. I tried several times to settle for the safe, comfortable and at times exciting jobs, but I was always miserable. So after a decade of settling,

I finally decided it was time to take the risk and in September, 2015 Smart Art was born. I started Smart Art because I believe that through art education, we can change the world into a better place. Also growing up, and to this day still, I would hear a lot of people comment on things they didn’t understand or like as this is not art or this is bad art. I saw parents trying to force certain ideas of how things should look or what their children should do when it comes to the subjects of art and creativity. It broke my heart and made me want to offer them a safe space instead where they can learn to express themselves freely. I also wanted them to learn about the history and evolution of art so they can see for themselves that art, like everything else in this world, grows, changes and adapts to the world around it.

I wanted them to be open to other ideas, to learn from history, to experiment with materials, to innovate and take risks. Nothing brings me more joy now that watching a student proudly show me their beautiful artwork because it was all their effort, mistakes and all. We’ve been in this business since 2015 and we’ve learned a lot, made a lot of mistakes but have impacted the lives of more children than we can count and that’s why we proudly do this job everyday. Our team is made up of amazing women who are all artists, who work with passion and who love to learn and teach everything they have learned to a new generation of young artists. Our passion for art and our belief that its magical powers should be enjoyed by all children was the driving force behind us volunteering our time to teach art to refugee children in a neighbourhood school. Our belief is that through the power of the arts, we can create a new generation of innovators, change makers and leaders who will make the world better for their children and grandchildren.  

I started on this journey because I wanted to give children the opportunities I never had when I was growing up. Dina and I share the believe that art can change children's lives, makes them more emphatic, confident, creative, and independent individuals. That's the vision we have for your children, our students. We hope they’ll enjoy their journey into the world of art with us, as much as we have enjoyed creating the experience for them

Eman xx

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